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2022-2023 Nu Gamma Omega Coterie of Debutantes

Rites of Passage Ceremony

Workshops & Community Projects

On Saturday, October 8, the Debutantes participated in the "Manners Matter" workshop and Flower Bar activity. Both workshop and bonding activity was informative and engaging. The young ladies learned the intricacies of Social Media Etiquette from Chapter member Johnna Johnson, while Chapter member Tamasha Baptiste reviewed Dining, Telephone, and Lady Etiquette. To conclude the day, the Debutantes created beautiful floral arrangements with the guidance of Fresh N Fancy Floral Designs. They were instructed on floral blooms, their care, how to prepare the flowers for arrangements, and the creation of bows as the final touch. The day's activities were relevant and fun!

The Debutantes' first community service project of the season aligns with our Aleria's Promise Local Initiative, which was formed in memory of our sorority sister that we lost to Domestic Violence in 2015. The young ladies created care packages filled with items of need that were donated to survivors at a local shelter. The parcels were collected before their Rites of Passage Ceremony and presented during October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Thank you, Debutantes, for your time, thoughtfulness, and generosity in creating the care packages. Additionally, sincere thanks to Chapter members Stella Jackson for organizing the donation collection and Cynthia Reed for facilitating the donation location and arranging the day of donation to the facility to maintain the anonymity of the survivors.

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The Debutantes enjoyed an engaging workshop on college life and voter registration Saturday, November 19, with Southern University staff, students, and chapter members Toyia Charles-Comminey, and Patricia Haynes-Smith.

2022-2023 Nu Gamma Omega Coterie of Debutantes
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