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The Alpha Kappa Alpha Advocate For Social Justice Initiative and Connection Committee, now termed Connection-Social Action Committee developed in the 1980s by International President Faye Bryant,

is an extension of the Sorority’s long tradition

of partnering with other national and community-based organizations to empower

the underserved and the voiceless.

The term Connection is based on the concept of linking every member together to maximize resources, expertise and relationships; to work collectively and to collaboratively

identify issues of paramount concern.




Registering to vote or changing your registration is easy using this online application. 

For security reasons this application will time out if you remain idle for more than five minutes. All data will be cleared and you will have to start the application over from the beginning. 

Once you have completed the application you will be allowed to either print and mail your application or, if verified by the Office of Motor Vehicles, submit your application electronically.


If you plan to submit electronically you must have your Louisiana driver's license or Louisiana special ID card in hand when you begin the process. There is an audit code on the card that you must enter. The audit code is a four digit number labeled AUDIT on the front of the license.



Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office-Elections and Voting


When We All Vote


Link to the Louisiana Legislature


Link To Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus


United States Senate


United States Congress


Link To Congressional Black Caucus


Women and Politics Guide


Black Women In Politics 2023 Guide

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