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The Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation (EAF) is a 501(c)(3) organization, established in 1980 by ​Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. as the philanthropic arm of the Sorority. The mission of EAF is to promote lifelong learning accomplished by securing charitable contributions, gifts, and endowed funds to award ​scholarships, fellowships, and grants.


In connection with EAF, the Nu Gamma Omega Chapter has established the Nu Gamma Omega Chapter Scholars Award Endowment Fund to provide an ongoing source of funds for scholarships and awards for deserving students in our community.



In 2014, the Nu Gamma Omega Chapter EAF Committee led a charge to create a chapter endowment with the goal to inspire the Chapter to raise the minimum $20,000 needed to capitalize the endowment. With full support of the members and a $1,600 initial investment, the Nu Gamma Omega Chapter Scholars Award Endowment Fund (“Endowment Fund”) was established. 


Members had the opportunity to become a part of Chapter history as original contributors to the Endowment Fund with a one hundred-dollar ($100) donation. Chapter leaders, past and present, along with other Chapter members, quickly signed to support the Campaign. In July 2022, we reached the goal of $20,000, the Endowment vested and with the help of members, community stakeholders, for profit, non profit businesses and organziations.   


As an IRS recognized 501(c)3 organization, the Educational Advancement Foundation (EAF) works to increase student access to quality college education. EAF realizes its goals, in part, because of individual donors and its relationships with companies, corporations and other organizations. Through the generosity of its partners; the lives of students, families, communities are transformed. The simplest tax-deductible gift ensures students will be able to purchase books, secure housing, transportation, decrease food insecurity, and sustain student enrollment leading to successful completion of college programs and advanced degrees. 




We ask you consider helping us to continue to fund Nu Gamma Omega Chapter Scholars Endowment Fund. The Committee has launched a Capitalizing Campaign, where each Chapter member is asked to donate at least $100 by November 15, 2023.  Donations may be made via PayPal at the link below or by check. Donations should be mailed to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated Nu Gamma Omega Chapter Post Office Box 4726 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, attention: Chapter Financial Secretary. In the memo section of your check, please note Nu Gamma Omega Endowment. For answers to frequently asked questions about the Campaign, 


We solicit the help of individuals, business owners, civic minded folk to partner with us and pledge support of this campaign. Every amount, small or large supports education and helps lighten the load for many students, families in need. Donor incentives and recognition have been established based on donor levels. Donate today. 

                                                                  Suggested Donation Levels:

                                                                  Platinum Patron          $5,000

                                                                  Diamond Donor          $2,500

                                                                  Emerald Advocate      $1,500

                                                                  Gold Champion          $1,000

                                                                  Pearl Promoter           $500

                                                                  Silver Supporter          $250

                                                                  Bronze Benefactor      $100


The Nu Gamma Omega Scholars Award Endowment has exceeded the goal of $20,000, capitalizing it's endowment in 2022, and the Chapter may award scholarships from the interest and dividends accrued. The Endowment will provide an ongoing source of funds to assist the Chapter in reaching its goal of implementing programs that enhance the educational wellbeing of college students in our community through awards and scholarships.


The Chapter has set the eligibility criteria, determined the selection process and the Academic Committee reviews applications to select the recipient(s) for the scholarship(s). The Chapter will request checks by submitting the selected recipient names to EAF by the established deadline. 


EAF is a 501(c) (3) entity with a not-for-profit tax-deductible status; chapters are 501 (c) (7) entities. By partnering with EAF, chapters can raise money for scholarships through tax deductible donations, without the need for its own foundation. 



Capitalizing the Endowment at $20,000 is only the first step in reaching the Chapter’s goal of establishing a perpetual source of funding for scholarships.  Since the larger the Endowment, the more money that will be available for scholarships and other awards, the Chapter has established a goal of funding the Endowment to at least $500,000 over the next five years. Fundraising must continue beyond the initial capitalizing phase and members, non members, individuals and community stakeholders are asked to contribute.


There are many ways to support the Chapter’s Endowment Fund ( monthly donations, matching gift programs, memorial gifts, stocks, bonds, named endowment funds or fellowships, bequests, trusts, annuities, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, charitable gift annuities) Company matching gifts can double your donation to EAF. Check with your company’s Human Resource Department to determine if the option is available. Support our Chapter fundraisers throughout the year. Your contributions small or large are truly appreciated and we thank you in advance. 

Contributions to the Nu Gamma Omega Chapter Endowment Fund are tax deductible.



Annual scholarships are awarded to students attending post-secondary institutions based on merit and/or financial need. For more information, please contact the NGO EAF Chairman at

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